​​​Cympliciti Services and Prices

Eye Lash Services

Before starting any of the below services, a brief consultation is held to determine what length and weight best fits your natural lashes. Additionally, your desired look is discussed and an application plan is created.  The esthetician then applies lash extensions to your natural lashes.

Classic Look - For a Natural Look!

An extension is attached to your natural lashes creating a fuller more flattering appearance.

Full Set - $65                1.5 Hours is Typical
Refill - $45                    1 Hour is Typical

Four weeks and beyond - Full set charged

Volume - Crank it UP!  Creating a WOW factor and that Luxurious Look!  

An extension with multiple lashes is attached to your natural lash creating an extremely full, luxurious appearance.

Full Set - $90                 1.5 Hours is Typical
Refill - $60                     1 Hour is Typical

Four weeks and beyond - Full set charged

Classic Hybrid - The "Just Right Look"

A mix of Classic and Volume lashes are applied to your natural lash giving you the fullness that is right for you.

Full Set - $80                  1.5 Hours is Typical
Refill - $55                      1 Hour is Typical

Three weeks after the last treatment - $55

Four weeks and beyond- Full set charged

Lash Lift - Creates a Natural Curl without Crimping your Style!

​The esthetician applies a "Lifting Solution" to your lashes creating a Natural Curl.  The curl lasts for weeks eliminating the need to crimp your lashes.

Lash Lift with Tint - $70         45 Minutes Typical
Lash Lift without Tint - $55    30 Minutes Typical

Tinting and Shaping Services

Brow Shaping  (Wax, Tweeze, Trim)     $25
Brow Tint                                               $20
Lash Tint                                               $20

Waxing Services
Upper Lip           $10
Ears                   $12
Brows                $12
Neck                  $15
Chin                   $10
Full Face            $50 (Does not include brow shaping)
Nose                  $10 (Includes Nostrils)
Bikini                  $35 - $45
Bikini Beyond     $55 - $65
Full Arms            $40 (Includes Underarms)
Half Arms           $25 (Below Elbow)
Underarms         $20
Full Legs            $65 - $75
Half Legs           $40 (Below Knees)
Back/Shoulders  $50 - $65
Chest                  $35 - $45
Entire Body         $175 - 200 (May require multiple sessions)

Professional Skin Care Consultation - Complimentary

Consultation conducted by a licensed Esthetician to review skin, goals, and treatment path.  Usually done as part of a scheduled treatment.

Facials & Peels - Contact Cympliciti for Pricing and to Schedule an Appointment

Spa Treatments​